Emergency Planning



At Empire Snow Removal our teams have had extensive training for Disaster Planning. As a courtesy to our clients, a Disaster Plan is created in the event of severe weather emergencies. Clients also receive EAS (Emergency Alert System) notifications via email.

Our Emergency Response Plan (ERP) allows us to be fully prepared prior to severe weather conditions striking our client's properties.





  • Difficulty Driving on Public Roadways

  • Loss of Power

  • Fuel Depletion

  • Lines of Communication Lost

  • Employee/Family Emergencies (loss of power, uninhabitable living conditions, etc.



  • Empire Snow Removal makes on-going investments to our Emergency Response Plan to ensure customer satisfaction during the worst possible weather events.

  • On-site fuel station with generator

  • Generator and fuel supply at Empire shop(s)

  • All job sites are self-sufficient

  • Long range two-way radios (CBs)

  • Emergency Response Team available to Empire employee families

Empire Snow Removal is OSHA compliant, licensed and insured.

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